Staff and Faculty Training

Staff and Faculty Training


All training is available for staff meetings and professional development events.  The hands on workshops can be held in the AT Lab or another computer lab on campus.

Print Disability Barriers and Solutions Aid  - This links to a teacher's aid to show some problems and solutions for inaccessible documents.  You are welcome to download it for your own use. 

Training -- Available Upon Request 

  • Barrier University - 30 minutes board game increasing awareness on the benefits of creating a universally designed class
  • Disability Etiquette - 5 to 10 Minutes
  • Human Being Soup (Incorporating UDL into IT)  - 6 minute Slide Show
  • Implementing Universal Design in the Classroom - 10 minutes
  • Common ADA Barriers to Avoid - 10 minutes
  • How to use the Image Reader As a Quick OCR Tool
  • How to Caption a YouTube Video
  • How to scan using the V-Scanner in the Library
  • Creating an Accessible Word Document
  • Creating an Accessible Word Document (Part 2)
  • Accessibility for Website Designers
  • Creating an Accessible Syllabus - 45 minutes - Hands-On accessible syllabus creation
  • Using the Smart Pen in the Classroom
  • Read and Write Gold for the ESL Student
  • Read and Write Gold as a Writing Aid
  • Read and Write Gold to Enhance Study Skills
  • Read and Write Gold for Research
  • Using Dragon Dictation to Transcribe your Video Easily


Staff and Faculty Requests

Please contact Leyna Bencomo for specific requests for consults, committee participation, and technology assistance.  x4202  EPC215 (Kraemer Family Library)